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Maintain your competitive edge with your responsive website

Posted by: psu at 10:30 am on August 23rd, 2015

Jacob Wheeler maintains his competitive edge with his Pro Sites Unlimited website
photo: FLW

With your own personal corner on the web, you're talking to a worldwide audience. Yes, catching bass, climbing the leader board and taking your career to the next level are key. But with your own website, you're part of a billion dollar business that keeps growing by spreading the word. Sporting a sponosor logo on your jersey and putting in some time at a tradeshow are just the price of entry in today's competitive fishing market. You can either step up or step back. That's the bottom line. To keep you and your sponsors part of the conversation and ahead of the competition, your website provides the tools and communication needed to give you the edge. With one click, it's on.

Tips to help maintain your competitive edge.

• Stay Fresh

You have a very easy to use and flexible canvas to promote yourself and your sponsors with your Pro Sites Unlimited website. Want some ideas or inspiration on how to use your site more? Visit our Showcase and look at some samples of how some of our members use their websites to promote themselves and their sponsors. Need help updating your website? Visit our Help Page with quick How-To video tutorials and downloads.

• Keep your content fresh.

Add a post at least once a week. Add new photos to your gallery. Keep your tournament trail schedule updated with your results. If your audience and sponsors return and nothing has changed, you aren't giving them a reason to come back.

• Share your posts on Social Media.

One-click sharing spreads the word to your facebook and twitter audience and pulls them in to boost your traffic.

• Promote your Sponsors.

Sharing your sponsors' logo on your sponsor page is a great start. But if that's all you're doing, that's like putting their logo on your jersey and not talking about them. There is a WHAT'S HOT block on your home page. Use that area to promote the latest from your sponsors. Post a blog or news story about them. Had a great tournament with one of their products? Write about it. And when it comes time to renegotiate next year, press like this makes a difference.

• Add your domain EVERYWHERE.

Include your Pro Sites Unlimited website address on your jersey. Put it on your boat wrap and tow vehicle. Add it to the signature of your emails. Make sure it is listed in your profile on your social channels. Make sure it's in the signature of the chat rooms you participate in. This is your business card. Use it.

• Use your blog. Use it often.

Your site and your blog should answer the question, "What have you been up to lately?" Tournament results, product testing, trips, sponsor shows, tips, discoveries, great catches, photos, etc. With archived posts, your blog can act as a journal as well to help you next time you're on that body of water or for next year's tournament.

Promotion makes the bass world go around. Make sure you go around with it. Need anything, let us know - Pro Sites Unlimited