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5 Steps to attracting bass fishing sponsors

Posted by: at 12:25 am on August 24th, 2015

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You are a great angler. You just won your Thursday Night Derby and finished in the top-10 of your local club’s AOY standings this year. Even more, you’ve caught a dozen bass in the double-digits. Good for you. Good for your sponsors? Not so much.

Sorry if that sounds a bit harsh. But the fact of the matter is, bass fishing companies and potential sponsors get hundreds of letters, phone calls and emails stating similar accolades. Yes, being a good stick gets you into the game, but helping (proving) you can move product is what makes potential sponsors take note, and more importantly, make room for you on their roster.

5 Steps on how to attract bass fishing sponsors.

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1. Approach companies you already have experience with.

One of the first questions a company will ask you is, “Which one of our products is your favorite and what do you like about it?” Be prepared to give a detailed review of your favorite product with key points of why you chose this product over all others. NOTE: answering, “Oh, I like all your products” may sound nice but the B.S. flag may start waving.

2. There is no “I” in team.

It may be a tired cliché, but when you open the conversation with “I did this” and “I do that” and “I ….” Well, you may be in for a short conversation. When it’s all said and done, potential sponsors want to know what you can do for them. Starting with examples of how you can help move product (web presence, social networking, tradeshow support, local market penetration, etc.) keeps the conversation going.

3. A logo on your jersey is only the beginning.

When you get on stage and have to read your jersey to remind yourself who you’re representing, you’re not making much of an impression – on the public or your sponsor. Keep your focus on the products that matter most to you and you end up meaning more to your sponsors.

4. Keep in touch.

If contract renewal time is the only time your sponsor hears from you, you may not be hearing back from them any time soon. Sponsors like being talked about. Keep them in the conversation: hash tags and links in your social networking; mentions and links in your website posts; quick emails on product insights or reviews; possible networking connections they may benefit from; etc.

5. Are you serious?

You want to catch bass for a living. How serious do you have to be? That’s all up to you. If you want to put in the minimum amount of effort and a 10% discount on product and a logo for your jersey is all you’re after, that doesn’t take much. But if you’re looking for more, you have to do more. So roll up your sleeves, fill your livewell and be prepared to tell the world how you did it. Sponsors are sure to follow.

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